Report: Nerlens Noel Was Willing to Take $20 Million Per Year


As the drama continues to unfold surrounding the Nerlens Noel situation, Brad Townsend reports of a new wrinkle in the story.

On Saturday, news rocked the NBA that Nerlens Noel would be betting on himself by signing the one year qualifying offer in Dallas for around $4.1 million.

A deal that many assumed would never have a chance at happening.

So Noel apparently turned down a deal from Dallas that would net him around $17 million a year because he was wanting more. Nobody knew the exact deal Noel was seeking until Brad Townsend, of the Dallas Morning News, spoke with Noel’s mother.

Brad Townsend, of the Dallas Morning News, spoke with Nerlens Noel’s mom on Saturday where she informed Townsend of what she knew of Noel’s free agency.

"“”He told me two weeks ago he’s willing to sign for four years with Dallas, but they’re not giving him much money for four years,” Dorcina said. “He told me he was asking for about $22 million a year, but Dallas refused to give it to him.”"

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This gives a rough amount for what Nerlens was asking for on the market. Still a high number, but not the max number that some thought he was asking for.

"“He told me, ‘If Dallas gives me $20 million, I’m going to be there because they love me there. I said, ‘Yeah, I love it there, too.'” Dorcina told Townsend on the phone."

So, combine that report and conversation with the reported $17 million deal offered at the beginning of free agency and you have a $3 million difference that was separating both parties.

Another wrinkle this throws into the story is that Noel’s mom said that Noel told her that two weeks ago. Well, if the Mavs “pulled their offer” from the table, why would Noel say he was willing to sign for four years but they are not offering that much?

I encourage you to read Townsend’s excellent reporting piece in its entirety here.

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A lot more to this story and timeline will eventually come out, but this was another wrinkle in the story brought out by Townsend.