Dallas Mavericks: Quincy Acy on His Role, Boogie & More

Sep 26, 2016; Dallas, TX, USA; Dallas Mavericks forward Quincy Acy (4) poses for a photo during Media Day at the American Airlines Center. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
Sep 26, 2016; Dallas, TX, USA; Dallas Mavericks forward Quincy Acy (4) poses for a photo during Media Day at the American Airlines Center. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports /

After coming back home to Dallas, I chatted with forward Quincy Acy about his upcoming role, Seth Curry, and more.

Quincy Acy, a four-year forward out of Baylor, found himself signing a two-year deal with the Dallas Mavericks this past summer where he looks to compete for minutes off the bench. After spending time with three different teams in four years, Acy finds himself at home in Dallas where he hopes to carve out a larger role.

Acy comes in as a solid young player that could give the Mavs a burst of energy off the bench this season. With his high intensity and improved outside shot, Acy could have a bigger impact this season than some people think.

After practice on Wednesday, Acy graciously took time to chat with me on a variety of topics. Below is a transcript of our one-on-one interview.

Rick [Carlisle] mentioned yesterday about you strictly playing the four, what position do you feel the most comfortable playing?

ACY: “I really don’t care. Whatever position it is they want to put me out there at as long as I am out there getting minutes. That’s all I care about. If it’s the three, the five, I don’t care who I have to guard. Wherever he put me, I don’t mind”

You mentioned minutes, with Salah backing up Bogut and Barnes maybe doing small ball stuff, do you think there is a healthy competition between you and Dwight Powell?

ACY: “I mean there is competition between me and everybody. We all on the same team and we all want to win, but we all want to play as well. If I don’t get the nod at the beginning, opportunity will present itself. Nobody stays healthy, no team stays healthy for a full 82. My opportunity will come. You know if it’s Dwight, I’m going to be on the bench clapping as loud as I would want him clapping for me. There is no ill intentions when it comes to me, I’m happy for everybody. He works his butt off just like I work mine off. We in this together. It’s not really competition, we competing with the other team.”

You view yourself as an emotional leader on this team?

ACY: “I think of the younger group I think so. We have the luxury of having a lot of the older guys that have been through the fire. We kind of got like a gap. Like a whole bunch of 30 year olds and then like 25 year olds. I think of the younger group, I am one of the leaders. We have that luxury of having a good group of guys. Everybody has their head on straight and leads in their own way. I feel like when I’m on the court, my teammates feed off my passion.”

Now that you have been in the league a couple of years, what advice do you give to some rookies like Brussino or whoever?

ACY: “Well you know Brussino, he’s still got the language barrier. But I talk to A.J., Dorian, a lot of the young guys. I just tell them you got to get your work in. I’ve been in their position they in fighting for a roster spot, I’ve been a second round pick fighting for respect. I’ve seen it all and done it all. I just tell them they got to stay ready. They got to keep their head on straight and they got to come in and get their work. I promise that they opportunity will come if they do things the right way. I told them not to get down on themselves if coach is yelling at them or not playing them right now because that’s part of it. My name was ‘f****** rook’ my whole first year. So you have to be tough-minded in this league and you’ll withstand it if you put the work in.”

You obviously played in Sacramento with Seth Curry, you think he has improved or it is more of the opportunity Dallas has given him?

ACY: “A little bit of both. Opportunity has presented itself and he has taken full advantage of it. Like I said, that’s a testament of the grind. When you stick to it, whenever you believe in yourself and keep working opportunity will present itself. If you ready, that’s when you take off. He’s taken full advantage and he works his butt off. When I would be in Sacramento and I would go up to the gym to shoot at night, he would be up there at night getting his work in. He’s just one of those type of guys, that’s why I gravitate towards him. That’s why we so close. Because we have kind of been in that same grind together. I got nothing but respect for Seth and I want to see him do well. I believe in him.

You think the media is unfair on [DeMarcus] Cousins?

ACY: “Yeah man, I do. I know him personally. I know him as a human being and he has a great heart. A lot of people misunderstand him. It is what it is, he speaks his mind. I’d rather have someone that speaks their mind than someone who sugar coats something all the time. I got nothing but respect for DeMarcus and he is a life long friend to me.”

Last thing, Texas State Fair. What is your favorite thing about the fair?

ACY: “Yeah we had Fair Day growing up in school. The Ferris Wheel and the food. The food is unbelievable. The turkey leg, I love it all. It’s a great evening, it’s a great time.”

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Acy is as nice and as professional as they come off the court. Mavs fans and myself look forward to a big season from the Dallas native and former Baylor Bear.