Welcome to Dallas, Seth Curry Has Arrived

Sep 26, 2016; Dallas, TX, USA; Dallas Mavericks guard Seth Curry (30) poses for a photo during Media Day at the American Airlines Center. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
Sep 26, 2016; Dallas, TX, USA; Dallas Mavericks guard Seth Curry (30) poses for a photo during Media Day at the American Airlines Center. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports /

After signing a two-year deal to come to Dallas, Seth Curry made his preseason debut in front of his new home crowd and he didn’t disappoint.

Even though Harrison Barnes signed the max contract this past offseason to come in as one of the cornerstones of the organization, you could argue that fans are more excited about the potential of Seth Curry.

Having played their first preseason game in Bossier City, LA, the Mavericks came back home on Monday night to host the Charlotte Hornets in their home opener. With about half of the first quarter in the books, Seth Curry checked into the game for the first time and the crowd welcomed him with a warm ovation.

Fans had been waiting to see Seth Curry in action and the younger brother of Stephen Curry didn’t disappoint.

Curry went 5-6 from behind the arc as he was the leading scorer with 20 points and four rebounds on the night in just 22 minutes. Curry found himself running the point guard spot in the second unit while also taking time at the two guard spot next to Gibson.

It was the third quarter that Curry put on his show for the fans as he caught fire from the outside. The fans loved it, the bench loved it, and suddenly, everyone realized Seth Curry might have found a home in Dallas.

Over the past week, when talking about Curry, Head Coach Rick Carlisle has constantly mentioned his improvement on defense in guarding the quicker guards in the league. After the game on Monday, Carlisle talked about that at the podium.

“He can get it going quick. He has shown he can guard both positions.”

Similar to his brother Steph, Seth has gotten criticism for his defense, but looks to be turning a corner as he proves to the coaching staff he is worthy of heavy minutes off the bench.

But Carlisle wasn’t the only one talking about Curry after the game.

“I mean he is a Curry [laughing]…it’s in their blood” –Wesley Matthews commenting at his locker after the game.

As we, the media, waited in the locker room after the game to chat with some of the players, it became very evident that everyone was waiting around to talk with one player…

This might be unusual territory for Seth as he is probably used to his brother garnering all of the attention. Now he finds himself as the player the media is waiting for after the game. If Curry continues to play like he did on Monday night, then this won’t be the last time we are waiting beside his locker to talk with him.

In his first two preseason games, Curry is shooting 7-9 from behind the arc (.778) and 12-24 from the field (.50). He is leading the team in scoring with 16 ppg.

When asked about his big game in Dallas after the game, Curry reverts back to his defense first thing,

“Just trying to get better every game…just continue to get better defensively and on offense, just be who I am.”

When asked to describe himself offensively, Curry describe himself as a versatile guard who could play both spots.

"“I think just a versatile guard, I can handle the ball and play the point guard, play with point guard at the two. Spread the floor for guys. I think when Dirk is out there, he gains a lot of attention, I can help spread the floor for him. I’m just trying to fit into the system, find out where to get my shots at, keep getting better.”"

Playing both guard positions in a combo guard role will be crucial for Curry taking the next step in his career. We all know he can shoot, but it’s the playmaking as a point guard and guarding both positions that Curry has to continue to improve upon.

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Curry already had some buzz circling around in Dallas, but after putting up 20 points in his first game at home, the excitement is only growing as fans look forward to a prosperous season in Dallas.

Welcome to Dallas Seth Curry.