Harrison Barnes, Andrew Bogut to Face Off in Rio


The Dallas Mavericks get to watch both of their biggest newcomers go head-to-head on Wednesday night as USA takes on Australia in Olympic play.

USA came into Rio as the overwhelming favorites to win the gold medal and things haven’t changed. After Beating China by 57 points in the opening matchup, they went on to beat Venezuela on Monday night by 44.

Australia, on the other hand, is the surprise of the Olympics as the Aussies are now 2-0 after two big wins to open up play. In their opener, they shocked everyone by beating heavyweight France by 21 points before beating Serbia on Monday by 15.

So what breaks heading into the undefeated matchup on Wednesday night?

Well hardly anyone is giving the Australians a chance, but Australia will be (by far) the best talent that USA has faced since they arrived in Rio.

For fans in Dallas, this will be a chance to watch two of their biggest newcomers, in the same game, face off against each other.

Harrison Barnes, as expected, has been the last man in the rotation for Team USA as the forward is averaging just 9.7 minutes a game. Although USA has trounced both of their opening opponents, Barnes hasn’t played a prominent role in either of the wins.

Andrew Bogut is a different story.

He is arguably the best player on an Australian team that is soaring at the moment. In the shocking win over France, Bogut finished with 18 points on 9/10 shooting from the field. From defending in the post to throwing down highlight dunks, Bogut put on a show.

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Over the first two games, Bogut is averaging 13 points, eight rebounds, and two blocks on just 23 minutes a game.

As far as the game head-to-head matchups go, it should be interesting at least.

DeMarcus Cousins and DeAndre Jordan will finally go against decent talent up front with Andrew Bogut and Aron Baynes. This should at least provide some physicality to look forward too.

Patty Mills and Matthew Dellavedova man the backcourt for the Aussies and should at least make it entertaining at the start.

It is the wing and athleticism that USA naturally has the edge over every team. Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, Paul George and others will have their way on Wednesday night in what should be another blowout for Team USA.

Tune in Wednesday night as Mavs fans get to see two of their own face off.