TSC PODCAST Ep. 8: Don’t Panic on Parsons…Not Yet


With our latest podcast episode live on iTunes, is it time to start worrying about Chandler Parsons?

The Dallas Mavericks started the season off on a hot note as they caught the league by surprise. Since then, the Mavs have settled back down to earth while still waiting on the full recovery of Chandler Parsons. During this span, we have seen a side of Parsons we are not used to seeing.

So with the recent struggles to start the season, we here at The Smoking Cuban debated on if it was time to start worrying about the Mavs second highest paid player on the team.

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As usual, we broke down the games over the past week against the New York Knicks, Atlanta Hawks, and Washington Wizards. Were the outcomes of the games decided more on the actual winners or was it the losing team that was more responsible for the outcome?

Something we also like to do on the podcast is play a game where we debate a Mavs player against some other similar position players in the league. This allows us to gauge where we stand with our beloved Mavs in regards to the rest of the league. So for the sake of this podcast, we debated Chandler Parsons against the likes of DeMarre Carroll, Trevor Ariza, and others.

In a debated discussion in which many answers could be given, our staff debated on who is the most important player on the Mavericks team right now. Which player would hurt the team the most if they miss a significant amount of time?

As usual, we always end the podcast previewing the week ahead and making our predictions for the week.

Thanks again for all of our loyal listeners as the feedback and statistics since starting the podcast this season has been simply overwhelming.

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