Dallas Mavericks: “We’re Going to Shock the World” -Wesley Matthews


Can the city of Dallas possibly love Wesley Matthews any more than they already do?

A couple of days ago was the annual “Meet the Mavs” luncheon where the Dallas Mavericks have lunch with esteemed season ticket holders. It was full of laughter, food, and plenty of comments from the players.

It is through events like these that we see the personal side of players come out. To some fans (like my wife), that is all that matters. We see the players smile, make fun of each other, and give optimism in their mindset for the season.

The following is some of my favorite quotes from the event…

I love everything about Rick Carlisle, in particular is subtle powerful comments. With the national media jumping on the bandwagon of bashing the Mavericks this season, it seems the whole Mavs organization has embraced the underdog role. Carlisle just wants all the Mavs fans to embrace the same thing.

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Coach Carlisle also went on to talk about Dirk Nowitzki and his impact he has made on the organization and the city of Dallas as a whole.

“It’s really hard to fully appreciate what Dirk has accomplished in this city and for this organization,” -Carlisle via Bobby Karalla of Mavs.com

When I was at the last preseason game against the Hawks last week, I was typing something on my phone when I noticed a small African-American boy standing beside me wearing goggles. He seemed really shy so I gently asked, “Do you have a favorite player?”

He leans over and says “41.”

There is no way to explain fully what Dirk has meant to the city of Dallas.

Many different players answered questions about Deron’s infamous Halloween party where pictures circled the internet of each of their costumes. They also had their fair share of jokes on Chandler Parsons, because who don’t? But it was Wesley Matthews that stuck to business and delivered the one liner…

If their was one player I would pick from he Mavs to lead us into a battle, its Wes Matthews. The dude has said all the right things from the moment the Mavs have signed him up until this very week. He has quickly gained steam as a fan favorite by many fans, and this is before he has shot a whole quiver of arrows.

As far as the Mavs shocking the world, Mavs fans can only hope. The average Mavs fan has had somewhat of a negative summer with a free agent turnaround, health concerns, and negative projections from major sports networks. Matthews is leading the way in bringing positivity to the whole fan base.

If the Mavericks can get healthy and make a deep playoff run, shock the world they will.

The front office believes. The players believe. The fan base is starting to believe.

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