Dallas Mavericks Trade Options: Bringing Hassan Whiteside to Dallas


Could the Dallas Mavericks try to pry away Hassan Whiteside from the Miami Heat some time this season?

Last year it seemed that the Miami Heat struck gold again by the emerging young center in Hassan Whiteside. After bumping around a few teams, Whiteside found himself in Miami on a 900k contract with the 2015-16 season not even guaranteed. After a surprising season, the Heat have now made this season guaranteed, but a difficult situation arises next summer between the two parties.

Ira Winderman, from the South Florida Sun Sentinel said last month,

"“With Whiteside to fall short of full Bird Rights due to only a two-year tenure with the team, the Heat still will have to create salary-cap space to re-sign him next summer. The only way for the Heat to go over the 2016-17 salary cap to re-sign Whiteside would be if he would sign for the average salary as part of his Early Bird Rights, a figure of less than $10 million, one expected to be far below his market value.”"

Without getting completely into the complicated situation that Riley will most likely workout somehow, what if they decide to put the center on the market so they can return some value for a couple more Finals runs? Will the Mavs come calling?

As we continue our Dallas Mavericks Trade Options series, this is once again a pure speculative piece as we all can agree that the Mavericks will be very active on the trade market come this season with our plethora of expiring contracts and willingness to take chances. There is no rumors around these pieces, but ideas that could make sense for both teams.

Through ESPN’s Trade Machine, the following is a deal that could make sense for both sides…

* Before you Heat fans freak out, the deal’s biggest piece would be the Mavericks 2017 first round pick in the deal also.


For the Heat, this deal obviously centers around their confidence in getting something done with Whiteside next offseason. If Wade decides to suit up again, will he take another pay cut for the young center? Considering the Bosh and Dragic deals, can the Heat create the cap space for him while still fielding a team around everyone?

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If Riley doesn’t think this can happen, or he doesn’t want to due to Whiteside’s questionable decisions over this past season, I think he could entertain shipping him off this season. In this deal, the centerpiece for them would be the 2017 first rounder as we all know the buzz coming from that draft class.

Getting Zaza Pachulia allows them to still be competitive this year on the front line with a Miami team that can contend with the Cavs this season. Dwight Powell would be intriguing because it seems everyone has their separate opinions on him. If Riley likes the kid, then he could get some much-needed minutes behind Bosh in the front court.

Salary cap wise, they would be getting two expiring deals while unloading the McRoberts deal. Opening up cap space for flexibility next summer and adding more rumors to them chasing Kevin Durant.


The question for the Mavericks is whether they view Hassan Whiteside as the next up and coming star big man. The 26-year-old youngster put up his biggest season last year and became a cornerstone for the Heat in the middle.

“Whiteside would join a young core of Parsons, Matthews, and Anderson”

The biggest hurdle in this deal is obviously the first round pick in the loaded 2017 NBA draft. But if the Mavericks think that Whiteside will continue his rise to stardom than it is a deal that could make some sense. If the trade was completed and a long-term deal was reached, Whiteside would join a young core of Parsons, Matthews, and Anderson to lead the way for the coming years.

Dallas would be giving up Dwight Powell in the deal and to some of you reading this, he is the next STAR. But in my opinion he is not, so he is being shipped in the deal to replace McRoberts in the Heat rotation. Josh McRoberts, even though he would cut into some future salary cap, would provide some minutes at the power forward spot behind Dirk.

If you are new to the Dallas Mavericks Trade Options series, take a look back at our pieces where we explored the ideas of trading for Taj Gibson (read here), Festus Ezeli (read here), and DaJuan Blair (read here).

So if you were in the Mavs front office, and this deal was presented to you, would you pull the trigger on bringing in a potential cornerstone in the middle?

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