Deron Williams: “Excited for the Season”


Can we just see Deron Williams on the court already…

Earl K. Sneed, Beat Writer for the Dallas Mavericks, had an interview today with Deron Williams on the transition back home to Dallas and the new opportunity with the Mavericks.

“Its been a great transition for me, tough to pick up and move that quick, trying to find new schools for your kids and all that. As far as everything here, these guys have been great and I’m excited for the season.”

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With the latest reports of him looking “lean” and “quick” (read here), the excitement amongst Mavs fans is growing by the week. Sneed then goes on to talk about the continuous changes in head coaches in his tenure with Brooklyn (3 to be exact) and the adjustment into Carlisle’s system here in Dallas.

“I am definitely excited about that. There is a stability about this organization that is intriguing. They have guys who have been here forever. It’s just about plugging in the new pieces, myself included, and just trying to get to work. I’m exited about the opportunity and to get this season going.”

Low-key shot at the unstable Nets organization. in his time in Brooklyn Deron has known nothing but change in the different systems and styles of all three different head coaches, maybe something that played into his fluctuating numbers. Coming into Carlisle’s set system could be the best thing that has happened to Williams.

“I am definitely excited as a point guard to play with a player of his [Dirk] caliber” -Williams

Sneed turns the conversation then to talking about playing with Carlos Boozer and how it might compare to playing with the great Nowitzki.

“Its going to be great, Dirk will be playing when he is 50. the way he shoots the ball. He’s always going to be able to shoot the ball and he does so much more. Inside I have always had a lot of respect for his game and what he does and brings to the court. I am definitely excited as a point guard to play with a player of his caliber.”

If Deron returns to half of his form, this will be the best point guard Dirk has played with since Jason Kidd. As far as Dirk playing when he is 50, we can only hope.

As the conversation nears an end, Sneed brings up the past history of Williams playing with Wesley Matthews back in Utah. Williams laughingly gets a kick out of the topic and chimes in about how it will be different this time around.

Apr 11, 2014; Salt Lake City, UT, USA; Portland Trail Blazers guard Wesley Matthews (2) warms up prior to the game against the Utah Jazz at EnergySolutions Arena. Mandatory Credit: Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

“It will be different. He was my “rook” then. So I was treating him a little different then as I will now. We have been friends and stayed in contact over the years. I am definitely excited about playing with him again.”

The smile on Williams face as he answered that question should be the same smile that everyone has inside of the AAC this year watching this backcourt work together. Obviously health is the key, but people could be sleeping on this backcourt duo.

To close out the interview, Sneed asks Williams straight up what he is looking forward to the most this upcoming season.

“Just getting started man. A fresh start. Playing with this group of guys, I feel like we have a great group of guys here. Just getting everyone healthy and getting on the court with them.”

It seems from previous reports and this interview that we could see a rejuvenated Deron Williams. The optimism and “swagger” he seems to have about this upcoming season is contagious.

Also, where can I get that retro hat Deron has on?

Watch full interview here.

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