What can Mavericks do if DeAndre Jordan chooses Clippers?


Any good options for the Mavericks if spurned by DeAndre Jordan in free agency?

Seems like everyone, not just Mavs fans, are glued onto Twitter and waiting for the next update on this DeAndre Jordan story. Right now it seems anything and everything is possible.

But one thing is certain, if the Dallas Mavericks lose out on Jordan to the Los Angeles Clippers, they’ll be right where they were July 1st.

We’ve heard Mark Cuban state that if the team didn’t land Jordan, tanking would have probably been the route to go. But is that the only route?

1. Hope someone else pulls a DJ.

As we’re sadly experiencing, none of these deals are final. So the Mavs can make their own “last ditch effort” to bring back Tyson Chandler. It’s unlikely Tyson would even entertain the idea, as he agreed relatively quickly with the Phoenix Suns.

Or the team could try to throw an unwarranted amount of money at the likes of Omer Asik, Robin Lopez, Greg Monroe, and whoever is out there in an effort to have them back out as well.

2. Look at the trade market.

This is probably the most likely route, but with a lack of resources, the Mavs will probably come out empty handed. Roy Hibbert “technically” still belongs to the Indiana Pacers, so the Mavs could try to sneak in and pry him away from the Los Angeles Lakers.

3. Diamond in the rough? 

Take a flyer on a lesser name and hope they pan out at least for a season. We know Samuel Dalembert, Emeka Okafor (back?), Larry Sanders (does he want to play?), Greg Oden (ya, we’re desperate).

The fact that I kind of tried to find good names and scenarios for the Mavs to replace DJ and came up with only this shows how bad things will get if DJ flips on his decision.

The Mavs were all in on Plan A and are left with nothing to fall back on.


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