Timing the Worst Aspect of DeAndre Jordan Saga


Timing of DeAndre Jordan’s wishy-washiness leaves Dallas with no contingency plan if he stays in L.A.

A free agent feeling fickle in free agency is nothing new, even for the Mavericks – Kurt Thomas in 1999, Jason Kidd in 2013.

But what hurts the most for Dallas in the DeAndre Jordan/Mavericks/Los Angeles Clippers love triangle  – if he does end up back in Los Angeles – is the timing of it.

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Tyson Chandler didn’t wait around to see how things played out with the Mavericks’ pursuit of his replacement, coming to terms with the Phoenix Suns early on in free agency, so he’s off the table.

Robin Lopez is headed to the New York Knicks, Kosta Koufos will join the Sacramento Kings, Omer Asik is staying in New Orleans, etc.

If Jordan spurns Dallas and remains with the Clippers, the Mavericks will be left looking at a bare free agent cupboard and no good option available to replace what was lost in Chandler, and in a way, Jordan. They could try to work a trade, but with what?

My gut feeling right now is that Jordan will indeed opt to stay with Doc Rivers, Chris Paul and Blake Griffin for another few attempts at a ring. It sounds like his family wants him there, the Clippers will promise a bigger role in the offense, and in his heart of hearts he desires to stay in Tinseltown.

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It would be crushing for the Mavericks, not only because they would be losing out on one of the league’s best young centers – and their first real success with a marquee unrestricted free agent in what feels like ages –  but also because the timing of it all will have left them with no other avenue to really contend next season.

It’s as simple as that. Another patchwork roster and another wasted year in Dirk Nowitzki‘s twilight.

Rumor had it that the Mavericks would tank if they missed out on DeAndre Jordan. That shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish if they do.

What do you think he does?

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