NBA GM Survey: How does the NBA view the Mavericks?


For what it’s worth, the annual NBA GM survery is out. You know, that time of year when GMs get their interns to fill out some stereotypical answers to the same generic set of questions the NBA hands out every year. And the results are generally predictable. Nevertheless, there are some nuggets of wisdom in this survey. In particular, it gives us Mavs fans some idea about how other organizations currently view our boys in blue.

Overall, other GMS don’t think too much of the Mavs

Not a single GM gave the Mavs a chance to win the NBA Finals, the Western Conference, or even the Southwest Division. The Spurs are the clear favorites to win the Finals, while over 70% of GMs expect the Cavs to win the East. 96% of GMs think the Spurs will win the Southwest, because duh. The odd thing is that, despite a fairly widespread belief in the media that Houston took a step back this offseason, almost 4% (or a full 1.08 GMs–I’ll leave the speculation to you guys) said that Houston will win the division. No love for Dallas though.

Even worse, not a single GM thought the Mavs had the best offseason. Now, if 100% of GMs said that Cleveland had the best offseason, I wouldn’t argue. Getting LeBron, Love, the Matrix, and Mike Miller is BIG. But over 10% of GMs thought Chicago had the best offseason. CHICAGO! Pau Gasol is a good player, but he isn’t better than both Chandlers, plus Jameer Nelson, Richard Jefferson, and Al-Farouq Aminu. I have no idea what these GMs were thinking here.

GMs did, however, give Dallas credit for snaking Chandler Parsons from Houston. The Parsons acquisition came in second for most surprising offseason move, after the LeBron Decision 2.0.

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However, the GMs haven’t forgotten Dirk or Rick Carlisle

Dirk was the clear favorite for best international player, with over half of GMs choosing the Berlin Tall. GMs also think that only LeBron, KD, and Melo force opposing teams to make more adjustments than Dirk does, even at age 36. Likewise, Carlisle nearly edged out Popovich as the head coach GMs think make the best in-game adjustments, and Carlisle also came in second (though by a much larger margin) to Pop for best offensive coach.

But the GMs disrespected Dirk & RC a little bit too. I get choosing KD to take the shot with the game on the line, but if I need a game-winning shot, I’m turning to Dirk every time. I mean seriously, 7% of GMs picked KOBE? REALLY? KOBE? Further, it seems obvious that the GMs completely forgot about the Mavs’ first round series last season. Because not a single one of them voted for Rick Carlisle as best head coach. Lionel Hollins (who was unemployed last season) got a vote, but no love for the man who magically got the Mavs to play defense for 6 games against the buzzsaw that was the future NBA champions.

A few other points

While he was a distant runner up, Tyson Chandler did get some recognition for his defensive skills. Tyson may be a few years removed from being Defensive Player of the Year, but he did get some votes for best defensive player and best interior defender. GMs also considered the Tyson Chandler trade the most underrated offseason acquisition.

At least one GM also though Jameer Nelson was an underrated offseason acquisition, and Nelson was also considered a player who could make a good coach one day.

Finally, Chandler Parsons got some recognition for his movement off the ball (while former Mav Shawn Marion tied with Steph Curry for 3rd in that category).