Quick Lessons: 5 Observations from the Mavericks Preseason


With 4 preseason games in the books, the Mavericks preseason is half over. Seeing as we’re at the midway mark, now seems a good as time as any to present the first 5 observations (so far) from the Mavericks preseason.

Chandler Parsons is P.H.A.T.

No, not that FAT – although Rick Carlisle might have a thing or two to say about our dialect – he’s P.H.A.T. Pretty Handsome AND Talented. No bromo.

Through the first 4 preseason games, Parsons is averaging 13.3 points, 4.8 rebounds, 3.3 asissts, and 1.8 steals per game. Parsons has settled into the Mavericks system quickly, and, anyone who can almost get a dunk around over LeBron gets my vote. Plus, ladies love CP (L.L. CP).

Charlie Villanueva Wants a Roster Spot (And He Just Might Get One)

Earlier in camp when asked about why he accepted Carlisle’s camp invitation Villanueva said:

“He (Carlisle) was just like, ‘There is a legitimate chance of you making this roster, but you’ve got to want it.’ I like that. I love that. He wasn’t giving it to me. I have to earn it. That’s what I want. I want to earn things here.

Well, he wanted to earn it and, so far, he has earned it. So much so that the Mavs may be looking to move Gal Mekel and Bernard James to free up that earned roster spot. While CV only played 4 seconds in last night’s Cavs game (yes, you read that right), through the first 3 preseason games Villanueva is averaging 10.6 points and 3 boards per 11.7 minutes.

*Read more on Villanueva and his potential impact HERE by Andrew Toboloswky.

Monta Ellis has SuperHuman Healing Ability

Seriously, like Wolverine, adamantium stuff. Ellis injured his left knee in practice on October 9th and returned to practice 4 days later on October 13th.  Suffering a left knee sprain is enough to keep anyone out for a few weeks, but not Monta. In fact, Ellis returned to action last night leading the team in assists (with 8) and offering up 13 points. He did limp off awkwardly in the 4th, but, if his first recovery is an indicator of last night’s limp – we shouldn’t be worried.

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Dirk is STILL Diiiirty

While the Big German sat out the first two preseason games after suffering a hip contusion during the Mavs public intra-squad scrimmage, he has returned to the floor in the past two preseason games … in midseason form.

Some believe the 36 year old’s game is bound to start suffering. Soon. Early preseason signs snub that talk and submit that Dirk is still as dirty as ever. After throwing up two 16 point preseason performances, the bigger question remains: was Cuban wrong? Will the Mavs still have a 20 point scorer? In limited minutes Dirk looks like he’s put 20 a game on the agenda.

Small Ball – Featuring the Three Headed Monster 

It’s back. Small ball that is. The three guard rotation of Nelson, Ellis, and Harris seems to be something that Carlisle is looking to implement (again) this season. As Rami pointed out last night, Carlisle liked to go small during the ’11 championship run by plugging Terry, Kidd, & Barea on the floor at the same time.

The three man guard rotation hasn’t seen a lot of on-court action this preseason, but, with a stable of depth at the guard position, we can be sure we will see more as the preseason (and season) progress. Can’t wait to see when Carlisle pulls out this


rotation and tries to push the pace, pace, pace with the guards, guards, guards.