Mike Miller would be great replacement for Vince Carter


The Mavericks got some disappointing news yesterday. According to Adrian Wojnarowski, Vince Carter has agreed to a three year, $12 million deal with the Memphis Grizzles. Carter was believed to be returning to the Mavs after GM Donnie Nelson stated that they were confident in retaining their sixth man. But Vince took the money this time, and you really can’t blame him because he has earned it and the Mavs were offering less than $3 million per year.

Now comes the tough part where the Mavs attempt to find Carter’s replacement. That’s where Mike Miller comes in. According to Gary Parrish, the Mavericks are seriously pursuing Mike Miller to replace Vince as the sixth man. Miller, who had his second stint with the Memphis Grizzles last season shooting a fantastic 46% from beyond the arc, would definitely fill a three-point shooting need that the Mavericks are desperate for right now after the losses of Carter and Jose Calderon.

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Mike Miller has always had a great reputation as a sharp shooter in this league, helping the Miami Heat to two straight NBA Championships. That one-shoe three he had in the Finals against the Spurs in 2013 summed up his role with the Heat. Just stay on the perimeter and shoot the ball, with or without both shoes on. His role would likely be similar for the Mavs coming off the bench. While he can’t create plays and drive to the basket as well as Carter, Miller is a reliable and consistent three point shooter that can play both shooting guard and small forward and bring championship experience, which is exactly what the Mavericks need.

However, once again, the money is an issue. What a surprise. With the Houston Rockets recently signing Trevor Ariza to a four year $32 million deal, the Mavericks are likely to keep Chandler Parsons, which is definitely an upgrade at small forward. With that deal, the Mavericks will likely offer Miller the cap room exception of just under $3 million, the same deal they supposedly offered Vince Carter. If Miller gets a higher offer elsewhere, he would likely take the money, especially at this point in his career with 2 rings on his resumé already.

Additionally, Lebron James is apparently recruiting Mike Miller to join the Cavaliers, and it’s pretty difficult to turn down an offer from the best player on the planet. One thing’s for sure though: the Mavericks need to get three point shooters and replace Vince Carter as a sixth man. Mike Miller can do both of those things for Dallas. Ironically, this could just end up being a player-for-player trade between the Grizzles and Mavericks.