How the Warriors changing of the guard impacts the Dallas Mavericks

Dallas Mavericks, Draymond Green, Bob Myers
Dallas Mavericks, Draymond Green, Bob Myers / Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports
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Change is coming to Warriors: Can Dallas Mavericks capitalize?

Even if Klay Thompson is willing to take less in his new extension and Draymond Green stays at $25 million per season, the Warriors have to make changes. They will likely trade Jordan Poole and must still find other ways to trim their payroll. Will Andrew Wiggins, Kevon Looney, and Jonathan Kuminga all be moved to try to improve their roster? Does the new leadership decide to part with one of their three pillars?

Changes are coming in Golden State, but can the Mavericks take advantage? If they can make the right moves to keep Luka Doncic happy, the Warriors taking a step backward immediately benefits Dallas. Beyond that, the Mavs are unlikely to have a ton of flexibility if they keep Kyrie Irving and add the required talent this summer.

The Golden State Warriors will likely help rebuilding teams the most by trading Poole, Wiggins, Looney, or Thompson. Those teams will get to add talent and the new second tax apron should help create even more parody in the NBA.

The Dallas Mavericks need to keep their finances in order under the new rules. They cannot afford to spend wildly, especially as Davis Bertans and Tim Hardaway Jr. are coming off their books.

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How will the Warriors alter their roster this offseason? Do they find a trade with the Dallas Mavericks? Both teams will be eager to improve, but can they? Stay tuned to find out.