How the Warriors changing of the guard impacts the Dallas Mavericks

Dallas Mavericks, Draymond Green, Bob Myers
Dallas Mavericks, Draymond Green, Bob Myers / Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports
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Will the Warriors remain one of the best-run franchises in the league?

Bob Myers annually made the Warriors a contender by adding talent. It started before he arrived by drafting Stephen Curry. Then, they added Klay Thompson. Draymond Green was a second-round pick in 2012. Convincing Andre Iguodala to come in 2013 was massive. Myers found a gem in Kevon Looney with the last pick in the first round in 2015. They acquired Kevin Durant traded him for D’Angelo Russell, and flipped Russell for Andrew Wiggins. Jordan Poole was a late first-round pick.

Myers was a master at scouting and acquiring talent, but now they face significant restraints on doing just that, which likely played a factor in his decision to depart.

Can new decision-makers keep Golden State headed in the right direction? No matter how they do it, the Dubs are going to have to add pieces on minimum contracts and find talent through the draft. To stay competitive, the Warriors will need more Jordan Poole’s and Kevin Looney’s on their roster.

Finding that talent isn’t easy, and the ability does not always remain after a change in leadership. Without adding talent, the Golden State Warriors only have a few years left at the top. Curry, Green, and Thompson are all over 32 years old. They only have a couple of prime years left before beginning to decline. Changes are coming, but how will that impact the Dallas Mavericks?