Trail Blazers star is 'dream' trade target for Mavericks this summer

Jerami Grant
Jerami Grant / Joshua Gateley/GettyImages

With the Dallas Mavericks falling short to the Boston Celtics in five games in the 2024 NBA Finals, one thing that was clear was the Mavs needed another star or a third piece to help Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving.

This offseason, the Mavs will be busy looking at players to improve the roster.

However, the Mavs will need to be smart with who they add to their team. For the past two seasons, one player has continued to improve his game while playing for the struggling Portland Trail Blazers.

Jerami Grant listed as 'dream' trade target for Mavericks this summer

Two days ago, Kevin O'Connor at the Ringer, published an article titled "10 Players Who Could Complete a Contender," and he listed Jerami Grant as the Dallas Mavericks' "dream fit."

With how Grant has played for the Blazers, it can make sense why Dallas can be a team that should consider trading for him.

Grant averaged over 20 points per game for the past two seasons on the Blazers including 21 this past season. The Mavericks would be getting another scorer to add to their team, which the team could've used in the Finals. It was obvious in the Finals that Boston was a deeper team with its players' ability to score.

One particular area the Mavs struggled in the Finals was shooting the three. The Mavs shot 11-of-37 from three against the Celtics in Game 5 of the Finals. Grant has shot 40 percent from three in the past two seasons. If Grant was to be traded to Dallas, the team would get an elite 3-point shooter. Grant is also aggressive and can take the ball to the rim for layups and dunks.

The Mavericks have been involved in rumors of trading for Grant before. These rumors have gone on for multiple seasons, and they continued into the trade deadline last season.

With needing a third star to have another chance at a push for a championship, Grant can potentially be a great addition to the roster.

With speculation from fans that Tim Hardaway Jr. could be gone, Dallas could use Hardaway Jr. in a trade for Grant. Dallas has other potential assets on its team that they could use if looking to trade for Grant.

General manager Nico Harrison has done a great job in making trades to make the Mavs contenders. He made big trades at the trade deadline this past February to make the Mavs a strong contender and traded for Irving in the previous year. With a history of trades, Harrison can find himself another scorer and bring an outside shooting threat to Dallas.