Taylor Hendricks 2023 NBA Draft profile: Could he solve the Mavericks defensive woes?

2023 NBA Draft, Taylor Hendricks
2023 NBA Draft, Taylor Hendricks / Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
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Taylor Hendricks' weakness

Taylor Hendricks is a strong two-way player but does have one issue in his offensive game that may need addressing.

1. Ball handling

Although Hendricks is solid off the dribble against slower forwards, his ball handling needs some work. He has probably played as a big man his entire life and is just now getting a feel for regularly handling the ball, which is understandable.

Once he gets to the NBA, he will probably start with the role of being a floor spacer that can occasionally take slower forwards off the dribble, which is perfect for him. He won't be able to use his athleticism to blow by as many defenders as he did in college because the NBA is filled with dynamic athletes like him.

This weakness won't hinder his game tremendously, but it will prevent him from being a go-to scorer in isolation as his bag of moves is limited. Expect whatever team lands him to make this a focus of development for the 19-year-old forward.