Scoot Henderson 2023 NBA Draft profile: Could he fit next to Luka Doncic in Dallas?

2023 NBA Draft, Scoot Henderson
2023 NBA Draft, Scoot Henderson / Steve Marcus/GettyImages
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Scoot Henderson's weakness

Scoot Henderson is the definition of an NBA-ready point guard but does have a weak spot in his game. Here's a look at what was observed from a dive into his film.

1. Shooting

Henderson's 3-point percentage went from 21.6 percent in his first season with the Ignite to 32.4 percent last season and has shown signs of improvement, but it's still a glaring issue in his game. His form is a bit robotic when he's shooting off the catch, and he doesn't seem to have much confidence in this area of his game yet.

His huge jump from his first to his second season from downtown is promising as he is working on this part of his game. Henderson's confidence and consistency from mid-range give hope that his 3-point shooting will continue to improve but his free-throw shooting is not great.

He shot 76 percent from the free-throw line which is a bit below average for an NBA point guard. This is an area that he'll have to improve in as his play style will likely send him to the free-throw line often. If Henderson's shooting continues to improve, he has the potential to be a top point guard in the league. It will take his game to another level.