3 reasons Dallas Mavericks fans will love Dante Exum

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1. Dante Exum will not be another Frank Ntilikina

For many, the signing of Dante Exum meant one thing, to replace the role of Frank Ntilikina. Exum will not only play better than Ntilikina, but he will also contribute in a much bigger fashion. Similar to Ntilikina, Exum will need to fill a needed role, but he flourish in his role off the bench.

The two have very similar play styles, being that they are lengthy defensive guards, but Exum's newly found 3-point shot will set him above miles Ntilikina. To have someone who can be a 3-point threat and a lockdown on the other end will be crucial for the Maverick's success this season.

Exum showed plenty of promise in the Euroleague to be a complete player off the bench. Posting numbers of three assists and 2.7 rebounds per game, the Mavericks could use his abilities as a potential facilitator too.

Leading the offense won't be something he's asked to do too often, but if he can expand his game into this realm, he could very well become a sixth man on this Dallas Mavericks roster.

Ntilikina fell short in many different points, his offensive game lacked enough attention to even be used within a rotation, and his ball moving was subpar at best. For Exum, it will be crucial to expand on his shooting and maybe even work into a facilitating role if necessary.

As we get closer to watching Dallas Mavericks basketball, it will be crucial for Dante Exum to play well during training camp. He will have a massive role ahead of them and could be the key to this season's success for the Mavericks. For more information and updates on training camp news, stay tuned.