3 reasons Dallas Mavericks fans will love Dante Exum

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2. Dante Exum will step into a much-needed role

Last season, the Dallas Mavericks struggled on the defensive end. After a 2021-22 NBA season that saw the team post top-five defensive numbers consistently, the team would fall well short of that. The Mavericks would post the 24th-worst defensive rating in the league, and this would ultimately be a huge reason last season was such a huge failure.

To mend these problems, the Mavericks would trade for forward Grant Williams and sign Derrick Jones Jr. as well as Dante Exum.

Exum stands out from these other players because of his ability to guard 1-3. Josh Green is likely the only other player on this roster that you can ask to confidently guard the opposing team's point guard.

With this in mind, the Mavericks have a clear lack of depth when it comes to anyone who can guard 1-2. Exum will be the one player off the bench who can do this. You will likely need to pair Exum with a playmaker like Jaden Hardy, but Exum alongside a shot-creator could prove to be lethal off the bench.

As training camp and preseason tip-off, it will be crucial for the Mavericks to play Exum within a system. If he can pass the eye test, Jason Kidd could be inclined to give Exum a bigger role and expand upon his offensive abilities.