Predicting Dallas Mavericks stat leaders for 2023-24 season

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Rebounds per game leader - Luka Doncic

Once again, Luka Doncic reigns supreme. He's averaged the most rebounds per game on the Mavericks over the past two campaigns. During the course of his career, he's ranked first or second on the team every season in rebounding.

Doncic's rebounding ability combined with the minutes he plays per game leads to near double-digit rebound opportunities. The Slovenian superstar has been one of the best guard rebounders in the NBA since his rookie season.

While Doncic will assuredly lead the Mavs in rebounding, rookie Dereck Livey II will likely lead the team in rebounds per 36 minutes. The former Duke big man is a fantastic rebounder, but it's unlikely he'll clear more than 25 minutes per game.

As of now, Lively II is slated to start, but holdover Dwight Powell and newcomer Richaun Holmes will also spend time at the five. Powell has been average, at best, in the rebounding department. Never averaging more than six rebounds per game.

Former Kings big man Holmes is the better rebounder, but he might be third in the pecking order to begin the season. He's coming off a year in which he only played 8.3 minutes per game.

Doncic should the lead Mavs in rebounds per game this season, but his reign may not last too much longer. Lively II projects as the starting center for years to come and with more playing time, he'll likely average double-digit rebounds for the next decade.

Doncic's projected rebounds per game: 8.8

Assists per game leader - Luka Doncic

Surprise surprise, the best passer on the team and possibly the NBA, Doncic should lead the Mavs in assists per game. Although he is a phenomenal scorer, passing may be Doncic's best ability.

Doncic has never averaged less than six assists per game. Take away his rookie season, and Doncic hasn't averaged less than eight assists per game.

Albeit, there is good reason for his assists to drop this season. With Kyrie Irving now in the fold, his ball-handling duties will be lessened. Last season, Irving averaged 6.0 assists per game as a Maverick.

Besides Irving, no other Mav is likely to average more than three assists per game. Dallas did sign guards Seth Curry and Dante Exum in the offseason, but both guards excel in other areas, rather than passing.

A slight dip in assists per game is expected with Irving now in the lineup, but Doncic's usage rate will still be sky-high and assists will come often.

Doncic's projected assists per game: 7.8