11 Players who turned their back on the Dallas Mavericks

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10. DeAndre Jordan

One of the strangest moments in Dallas Mavericks free agency history came in the summer of 2015.

The Mavs were coming off a first-round exit to the Houston Rockets at the end of the season prior, and they were looking to add a big man next to Dirk Nowitzki. DeAndre Jordan of the Los Angeles Clippers caught the eye of Mark Cuban and company, so they decided to pursue him.

Jordan verbally agreed to sign with the Mavs, but after hearing of this, several of the Clippers staff and players went to Jordan's house in Houston to try to sway his decision. This meeting with all of the Clippers players ultimately worked, as Jordan went back on his word and re-signed with Los Angeles.

This was not a great look for Jordan, and he was resented by Mavs fans following this move. Loud boos flooded the American Airlines Center every time that he played in Dallas, and there were reports that he wouldn't even take a call from Cuban or Chandler Parsons on the night that he was in his home in Houston with his Clippers teammates.

Jordan ended up making up for not signing with Dallas in 2015 by signing a one-year deal a few years later, but his tenure in Dallas didn't go the best either. He put up solid stats, but it seemed he was more worried about stats than playing winning basketball and the Mavs later traded him to the New York Knicks.