NBA MVP Power Rankings: Nikola Jokic remains atop the leaderboard after strong week

Denver Nuggets v Los Angeles Lakers
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3. Luka Doncic

Last week's rank: 2

After Dallas won seven in a row, which was the longest win streak for the Mavs in over a decade, the Mavs have now lost three of their last four games. Their recent four-game road trip did not end well either, as they got blown out on national TV against the Boston Celtics.

In Boston, the Mavericks were dominated and looked like the lesser team compared to the Celtics. The Celtics would often spread the floor and capitalize on the fact that they have so many offensive weapons. It also didn't help that former Mav Kristaps Porzingis opened the game by making multiple triples off the pick-and-pop.

Despite losing in Boston, the Mavericks have now lost four of their last five after yet another loss to the Philadelphia 76ers. In the game, Doncic struggled with decision-making, and on the defensive end of the floor, Doncic struggled to get back after arguing multiple times with referees.

Doncic has struggled all year long with arguing with refs and receiving technical fouls. Sunday's game against the Sixers was no different as Doncic received his 14th technical foul on the season and is now just two away from receiving a one-game suspension.

Doncic has now put his team's future in jeopardy if he receives any more technical fouls. The Mavs will look to get back in the win column with Tuesday's game against the Indiana Pacers.