Who would win the 2023 NBA Draft Lottery if it is rigged?

Dallas Mavericks, Damian Lillard, Luka Doncic
Dallas Mavericks, Damian Lillard, Luka Doncic / Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
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What team has the best chance of winning the 2023 NBA Draft Lottery if it is rigged?

The Spurs, Pistons, and Rockets have the best odds, and one of the three teams with a 14 percent chance has won for three straight years. In seven of the last eight years, one of the teams with the three worst regular-season records has received the number one overall pick.

Consider those three the favorites with San Antonio taking the edge if it is fixed. The Spurs are one of the top organizations since Gregg Popovich took over, and the top pick landing there would ensure Victor Wembanyama develops into a star.

Beyond that, it is the three teams with All-NBA players this year. The Blazers have an edge because they have a 10.5 percent chance, but if it is fixed, that does not matter. Four times a team with less than three percent has won the lottery. That should give hope to Mavericks and Thunder supporters.

If it is rigged, my top five in order from least to most likely to win would be Rockets, Thunder, Trail Blazers, Mavericks, and Spurs. Will Victor Wembanyama land in San Antonio? The Spurs would quickly be back into contention if so.

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The Dallas Mavericks have a three percent chance of winning the lottery on what promises to be a nervous night. Can they keep their top-ten pick? Do the New York Knicks get another one over on Dallas on May 16? Stay tuned to find out.