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Mavericks: Trey Burke explains why he is not vaccinated

Dallas Mavericks, Trey Burke
Dallas Mavericks, Trey Burke / Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Mavericks want to be 100 percent vaccinated heading into the regular season head coach Jason Kidd confirmed during media day. The staff is already there with Kidd putting the players in the “90 percentile”. Unvaccinated players face strict health and safety protocols this season and could potentially be forced to sit out depending on local government ordinances. It is a distraction that all 30 teams would love to avoid.

Vaccination status is a massive issue for some teams. The NBA is following all local government ordinances, so the Warriors, Knicks, and Nets players are not allowed to take part in home games if they are unvaccinated, which would mean missing half of the season plus all the team’s practices in their home cities. Those local ordinances could change and impact more teams, which is just another reason why the Mavs want to be 100 percent vaccinated by the start of the regular season.

Dallas guard Trey Burke confirmed that he is not vaccinated on Sept. 29. Fans can see and hear his quotes on why below.

Dallas Mavericks guard Trey Burke explains why he is not vaccinated

When asked about his stance on the vaccination, Burke responded with the following.

"That is something I’m talking to the coaches about right now. It’s a personal choice that I am still figuring out. I’m taking it one day at a time. My family and I are still talking about it and doing the research on it. I want to keep most of the answers basketball-related. I feel like everybody has their own personal choice, and for me, I’m just getting the proper knowledge and continuing to do more research to make a reasonable decision."

Burk answered a follow-up question about what research he was doing with this.

"For me, it is something I’m thinking about long-term as well as short-term. I know basketball is our job, that’s something we come in and we do on a daily basis, but I have a life after basketball as well. I’m just trying to look at all the facts into what it could be and how it could affect me long-term. I’m not trying to rush into a decision, and I think it is just something that I’m personally taking my time with."

Fans can hear Burke’s media session below, including the above quotes and his thoughts on how the team’s defense is changing under new head coach Jason Kidd.

Burke mentioned that he is no rush to get vaccinated, which means he will face the league’s stricter health and safety protocols. Coach Kidd has talked about building the team’s chemistry this season, but unvaccinated players are limited to what they can do away from the court too. This is a developing story that will continue to be discussed.

The Dallas Mavericks want to jump into title contention in their first season under head coach Jason Kidd. Stay tuned for plenty more on how the Hall of Fame point guard is adjusting things and trying to get the most out of the team, plus all the latest news and analysis at The Smoking Cuban.

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