Why the Mavericks need to trade for Cam Reddish

Dallas Mavericks, Cam Reddish
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The Dallas Mavericks have been inconsistent and underwhelming so far this season, and a roster shakeup in some form appears to be necessary and hopefully imminent. Every year around this time, the trade market is highly active for a couple of months, and the Mavs need to be busy during this window.

There are multiple players the Mavericks should go after, but one, in particular, is Cam Reddish. The Hawks have a plethora of young talent that needs to be paid, and Reddish seems like the odd man out. The 22-year-old was the tenth overall pick in 2019, and was drafted with a selection acquired from the Mavs in the Luka Doncic trade.

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Why the Dallas Mavericks need to trade for Cam Reddish

Now, whatever the team decides to do with this roster, Cam Reddish will fit into it. If Dallas decides they want to get better right now, Reddish will help them do just that, or if they choose to completely rebuild the roster and fill it with youth, the 22-year-old Reddish also fits right into that.

When I saw Reddish play at Duke, I loved what he brought to the table. At 6'8 with a 7'1 wingspan, he provides a nice blend of guard-like skills in the frame of a larger wing.

With that length coupled with high-level athleticism, Reddish is an excellent defender who can guard multiple positions. He can be an all-NBA type defender, and through his first three years, he's been highly effective on that side of the ball.

On the offensive end, Reddish plays a very fluid and under-control brand of basketball, almost to the point where it looks like he's not trying. Reddish shot from 3 has been inconsistent throughout his career, but he's seemed to figure it out this year as he's at 37.7 percent.

Reddish can score for himself, and although an inconsistent scorer right now, he has the skillset to be a 20 point per game option very soon. The 6'8 wing reminds me of Paul George a lot, and not to say he will ever reach that height of individual success, but he does share a lot of those same qualities.

Reddish's biggest problem has been his inconsistent play, which has been his biggest issue dating back to his time at Duke. I would often find him getting lost in the game and disappearing for long periods at both levels. He has stretches where he looks like an undeniable talent, to then, looking like a young inexperienced player who lacks the self-confidence necessary to reach his potential. When Reddish plays confidently, he can elevate a team.

Acquiring Cam Reddish would be getting a blue-chip talent for a potentially lower cost to a team that needs it. He provides defense and an immediate scoring boost, but the 22-year-old could end up being a real star in this league in due time.

The level of talent Reddish possesses flies under the radar, mainly because of the Hawks surplus of talent. Making this move would go a long way to the future of the Dallas Mavericks, and with a lot of buyers in the Reddish market, they need to act fast.

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