Mavericks rumors: Goran Dragic expected to sign with Dallas after buyout

Dallas Mavericks Goran Dragic
Dallas Mavericks Goran Dragic / Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Mavericks rumors have seen the organization linked to Goran Dragic for months. He thought the Heat were going to decline his $19.4 million team option for this season, which would have made Dragic free to sign with any organization. The 35-year-old expressed his desire to join the Mavericks, but things did not go as planned as Miami picked up his option and dealt him to the Toronto Raptors in the Kyle Lowry sign-and-trade.

Dragic has made it clear that he does not prefer to play for the Raptors , and many believe he will be moved. It appears the Mavs are in the driver’s seat to land him, but it is a waiting game at this point.

Bleacher Report’s Jake Fischer made headlines as he discussed the Dragic situation on the Halftime Sports app on Sept. 2. The scribe noted his sources believe the veteran will be bought out and join the Mavericks. Here is a look at why it should come as no surprise and what it means for Dallas.

Rumors: Goran Dragic expected to sign with Dallas Mavericks following buyout

This is not the first time Fischer has noted the Mavericks were expecting to land Dragic after he is bought out by the Raptors. Toronto has no reason to rush doing it. They would love to cut their tax bill but have player lined up to replace Dragic. Training camp does not start until Sept. 28, so there is still plenty of time to see if they make things work with The Dragon.

Expect the veteran to be bought out and join the Dallas Mavericks. He wants to play with his friend and countrymen Luka Doncic. Relationships matter in the NBA. The main reason the Mavs missed out on Kyle Lowry was that he wanted to join his friend Jimmy Butler in Miami. Luka’s friendship with Dragic is key here. The duo led Slovenia to the championship at EuroBasket 2017 and now, they want to team up in the NBA.

The Dallas Mavericks’ offseason grade takes a significant increase if they land Goran Dragic. The 6’3 guard slots in as their sixth man. He is a capable ball-handler, creator, and playmaker that fills a massive hole for Dallas. Hopefully, he is bought out before training camp and signs with the Mavericks. Stay tuned for all the latest on the saga at The Smoking Cuban.

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