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Mavericks: Pass or pursue on 2 early season trade ideas

Dallas Mavericks, Myles Turner
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Dallas Mavericks, CJ McCollum
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Pass or pursue on recent Dallas Mavericks trade idea: 2. Dallas gets McCollum

The Portland Trail Blazers are a team to watch this season after Damian Lillard’s reported unhappiness over the summer. They are currently 6-7 to start the year and are barely clinging to a position in the play-in tournament. The Blazers also have a front office situation brewing, and the organization could decide to blow it up before the trade deadline.

Lillard will be the star target, but backcourt mate CJ McCollum will draw plenty of interest after scoring over 20 points per game for seven straight years. Bleacher Report shipped McCollum to Dallas in this deal.

The Mavs still owe their 2023 first-round pick to the New York Knicks from the Kristaps Porzingis trade, but it has a top ten protection making the first opening-round selection Dallas can deal in 2027. Light on picks already this is a hefty price to pay.

McCollum is an elite shooter and scorer, but he would be a defensive downgrade. A backcourt featuring him and Luka Doncic would need some perimeter stoppers around them. The 30-year-old guard would be an upgrade, but is it enough to push Dallas into title contention?

Verdict: Pass

Trading Hardaway Jr. and Bullock for McCollum is a lateral move for the Dallas Mavericks. They are better off with the depth than the minimal upgrade the Blazers guard provides over THJ.