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Mavericks: 3 adjustments to watch for in home opener vs. Rockets

Dallas Mavericks, Luka Doncic
Dallas Mavericks, Luka Doncic / Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
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The Dallas Mavericks split their first two games under new head coach Jason Kidd, but some fans are panicking. Yes, they were blown out in the season opener and struggled in the first half in Toronto, but the Mavs fought back and grabbed their first win.

Superstar Luka Doncic has not played his best basketball yet, and it is going to take time for the team to gel. There were minor changes to the roster, and the new coaching staff brought plenty of fresh schemes and ideas that are taking some time to nail down. It has only been two games, so give the Mavericks a chance to hit their stride.

They are back in action on Tuesday night for their home opener against the rival Houston Rockets. The Mavs are massive favorites as the Rockets are in the midst of a total rebuild, which makes it the perfect game to see some adjustments. What should fans be looking for on Oct. 26?

3 Dallas Mavericks adjustment to watch for in home opener vs. Rockets

Expect coach Kidd to stick with the same starting lineup and ten-man rotation. The Mavs are hoping to empty the bench late as they pick up a dominant win, but that won’t be the plan. Dallas found some things that worked in the second half against the Raptors, and fans can expect those to return on Tuesday night.

Coach Kidd will keep tweaking things, and here are three adjustments Dallas Mavericks supporters should be watching for in the home opener against the Houston Rockets.