Mark Cuban dishes Luka Doncic’s new kicks and all things shoes

Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban
Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban understands how important sneakers are in the NBA, and there is no bigger talking point in the shoe game right now than the first signature shoe from Luka Doncic, the Luka 1s. The entire Mavericks coaching staff was rocking them in the home opener, and Cuban has also been wearing them.

Luka has been blown away by the support for his shoes. Several college basketball teams are wearing them this season, and a handful of NBA players across the league have already played in his signature shoes. Expect that number to grow because of the comfort of Doncic’s kicks.

The Mavericks boss did an episode of Sneaker Shopping with Complex at Politics in Dallas where he talked about all things shoes from pitches on Shark Tank to the Luka 1s. Here is a closer look at the episode.

Mark Cuban dishes Luka Doncic’s new kicks and all things shoes

The episode ran through Cuban’s looks over the years from rocking early Air Force Ones to his Skechers commercial in 2012 to his present-day shoes. He was rocking Luka’s signature kicks in the video, and he had this to say about Doncic's deal with Jordan Brand.

"Luka is authentic. One of the beautiful things about him is that, he is what he is. He doesn’t try to be something, and he’s not different when the cameras are on. He loves shoes. He LOVES shoes. He loves colors. He loves design, and he is all about it. So you’ll see him try all different styles and all different looks. Then, what he released last year and this year, they look good, and they are comfortable and light. For me, I like to wear them and use them. You can play ball in them."

Cuban talked about supporting his star player, and how Luka is hooking him up with all of his new shoes these days.

Cuban also tells a story about former Mavericks player and current vice president of basketball operations Michael Finley and his original sneaker deal with Jordan brand when they first launched. It is just one of the many stories in the must-watch episode.

Cuban touches again on the near miss of signing Michael Jordan before he made his comeback with the Wizards, and he expressed his excitement about this year’s Mavericks. How could you not be excited about Luka Doncic?

Expect to see Cuban at every game this season as he cheers on his team to what everyone hopes is another deep playoff run. Do not miss it.

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