Why fans need to vote for Luka Doncic to start the 2023 NBA All-Star game

Dallas Mavericks, Luka Doncic
Dallas Mavericks, Luka Doncic / Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports
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Why fans need to vote for Luka Doncic to start the 2023 All-Star game: 2. Advanced metrics

It has been a phenomenal start to the season for Doncic, and the advanced metrics further prove that. He is third in the league in player efficiency rating, second in win shares, sixth in win shares per 48 minutes, second in box score plus-minus, and leads the NBA in value over replacement player.

In all of those stats, Luka is near the top of the league, and no Western Conference guard outranks him. Media members use those advanced metrics to help cast their MVP ballots, so why should fans not factor them into their decision for All-Star voting?

Stephen Curry dominated the fan vote last season with Ja Morant finishing second. Luka was third, but it should not just be a popularity contest. Doncic has been the best guard in the Western Conference over the last four years, and he is putting up the best number this season. He deserves one of the two spots on every ballot.

Some fans will just vote for their favorite players, and that is fine. It is why the NBA added the player and media voting to help select the starters for the All-Star game. If you decide just to vote based on popularity and appeal, here is a look at why Luka Doncic should still get your vote.