Luka Doncic incredible once again as Slovenian National Team tops Serbia in friendly

Dallas Mavericks, Luka Doncic, Slovenian National Team
Dallas Mavericks, Luka Doncic, Slovenian National Team / Jurij Kodrun/GettyImages

The Dallas Mavericks and their fans are getting excited to watch Luka Doncic in EuroBasket. The Slovenian National Team is currently playing friendly games to get ready, and they have two World Cup Qualifiers before the European championships kick off on Sept. 1. With Goran Dragic back on the team, Slovenia enters as one of the favorites to defend their EuroBasket title.

Luka put on a show in a friendly versus Turkey last week before resting against Ukraine. The 23-year-old superstar will face a heavy workload before returning to Dallas for training camp, so the national team has been careful about his preparation.

Doncic was not going to miss Wednesday’s friendly against Serbia and reigning two-time NBA MVP Nikola Jokic, though. Serbia is among the favorites in EuroBasket, so it was an important test for both squads, and Luka passed it with flying colors as he had another monster performance. Here is a closer look at his game, and what is next for the Slovenian National Team.

Luka Doncic incredible once again as Slovenian National Team tops Serbia

Luka was looking to attack on Wednesday afternoon, and he was locked in against Serbia. The 23-year-old superstar had 30 points in the first three quarters in a hard-fought back-and-forth game. Jokic was matching Doncic blow for blow, but the Mavericks superstar did not disappoint with the highlights.

Luka had four late points, but he missed a 3-pointer at the buzzer that would have won the game for Slovenia in regulation. His team would not be denied, though. Doncic was scoreless in overtime, but he orchestrated the offense as Slovenia picked up the 97-92 win.

Luka finished with 34 points, nine assists, six rebounds, and one steal in 34.7 minutes of action against Serbia. Nikola Jokic had 26 points, 12 rebounds, and six assists for the opposition in a wild back-and-forth contest that was fun throughout. Slovenia and Serbia could have a rematch at EuroBasket, and it will be a cannot miss contest if they do.

Luka Doncic and the Slovenian National Team have one final friendly before facing Estonia in World Cup Qualifying on Aug. 25. They are back in action against Germany in qualifying before kicking off EuroBasket against Lithuania on Sept. 1. Slovenia is in a difficult group, so fans should expect plenty of fireworks from number 77. Do not miss it.

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