5 teams that could steal Kyrie Irving from Dallas Mavericks in free agency

Dallas Mavericks, Kyrie Irving
Dallas Mavericks, Kyrie Irving / Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
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4. Miami Heat

The Miami Heat are always chasing the next superstar player, and Pat Riley has a history of landing them. The former player and coach is one of the most successful executives in the league, and he has won nine championships from 1972 as a player to 2013 in his current role. He is eager to bring another title to South Beach, and Riley knows that landing another superstar likely gets them closer to that goal.

The Heat nearly missed the playoffs this season only to upset the top-seeded Milwaukee Bucks in the opening round. Jimmy Butler took his game to another level, and the 34-year-old is eager to win a championship. Miami reached the NBA Finals inside the bubble in 2020 before falling to the Lakers. How can they get back?

The Heat won’t have cap space, but they could offer Tyler Herro or Kyle Lowry in a sign-and-trade for Kyrie Irving. Dallas won’t be thrilled with either package, but Kyrie holds the cards here. If he wants to join the Heat, the Mavericks will have a tough time stopping him.

Does Irving want to team with Jimmy Butler in Miami or Luka Doncic in Dallas? Butler has struggled to stay healthy, and there is significant risk with the Heat, but Kyrie is no stranger to that.