5 Kyrie Irving sign-and-trades to boost the Dallas Mavericks' title odds

Kyrie Irving, Dallas Mavericks
Kyrie Irving, Dallas Mavericks / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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4. Philadelphia 76ers

At first glance, this isn't a very flashy trade. And that's because it's not. However, it would help the Dallas Mavericks round their roster out a little bit and ensure that the ball is almost always in the hands of Luka Doncic.

During his time with the Philadelphia 76ers, Tobias Harris has earned a bad reputation because of how overpaid he is. In reality, he's a quality player, and when given the chance, he can still be a decent second or third option.

However, in Philadelphia, he's been relinquished to the fourth option, making his contract look even more obscene. Playing alongside Doncic in Dallas could help him revive his image a bit.

Meanwhile, the addition of PJ Tucker would be massive for the Mavericks, who desperately need some help on the defensive end. Even at his age, he would give them a huge boost on that side of the ball.

This would be the 76ers' way of ensuring they are able to compete regardless of if James Harden leaves the team. If he does, they still have Irving to play with Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey.

If Harden decides to stay, he may not be the biggest fan of this trade, considering the way things ended with the Brooklyn Nets. That is something to consider, so maybe this deal only gets done if Harden ditches Philadelphia for the Houston Rockets.

Regardless, a trade such as this one would keep the Dallas Mavericks in contention and maybe even see them improve defensively.