Is Kyrie Irving the most talented player in the NBA?

Dallas Mavericks, Kyrie Irving
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The Dallas Mavericks traded for Kyrie Irving in February to get Luka Doncic a co-star. The eight-time All-Star had a turbulent three and a half years in Brooklyn, but there was zero drama after he arrived in Dallas. The Mavs suffered a late-season collapse and missed the playoffs, but that was more on their uneven roster than Irving.

Kyrie is an unrestricted free agent this summer, and there is a chance that he has already played his last game in Dallas. Head coach Jason Kidd thinks Irving will return, but it is no guarantee. The 31-year-old is free to sign with any team.

The Mavs cannot afford to lose their second-best player in free agency for the second year in a row. It just cannot happen if they want to build a championship roster, and there is no replacing Kyrie. His teammate Theo Pinson thinks Irving is the most talented player in the league.

Is Kyrie Irving the most talented player in the NBA?

Pinson is doing live podcasts during the playoffs. In Wednesday’s Game 1 between the Heat and Celtics, the conversation shifted to the most talented player in the NBA. Here is what Pinson had to say about his teammate.

"I just lied on live. Kyrie is definitely the most talented player. He has a counter to everything… The best way to guard Kai, especially if you’re playing ones, is to score."

Irving is an incredible talent. His former teammate J.R. Smith gave Irving props as the best scorer in the league recently. The 6’2 guard is incredible, and Dallas has to find a way to bring him back this summer.

The NBA is packed with talent in 2023, and young players continue to emerge. Still, Kyrie is special. He has arguably the best handle in the league, and he had a 50-40-90 season in 2021, which only nine players in NBA history have ever done. There is no stopping Irving with the ball in his hands.

Is he the most talented? Kyrie helped Team USA win the Olympic gold medal in 2016 as their starting point guard. The 6'2 guard puts up incredible numbers every year, and he has fans questioning how that was possible nearly every night. Irving is 100 percent on the short list of most talented players.

Pinson’s live shows are worth checking out for all MFFLs. They also discussed Luka Doncic and his bag of tricks on Wednesday night.

Theo Pinson is also an unrestricted free agent this summer. Will he be back in Dallas next season? The Dallas Mavericks value his locker room presence, but they need more depth. Stay tuned for all the latest and to see if Kyrie Irving and Theo Pinson re-sign with the Mavs this offseason.

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