How does Kyrie Irving fit on the Dallas Mavericks and what could be next?

Dallas Mavericks, Kyrie Irving
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Dallas Mavericks need role players to maximize the Kyrie Irving trade

The Mavs traded their 2029 first-round pick for Irving, but they still have their 2027 first on the table. Dallas should be shopping it around to see if they can land a couple of quality role players to complement their new superstar duo.

Tim Hardaway Jr. and Christian Wood are poor fits with the Mavericks' new backcourt. Both are offense-first players, but that is the last thing Dallas needs with Doncic and Irving averaging over 60 points per game combined. The Mavs need 3-and-D wings, an upgrade at the five, and a third playmaker. Without those pieces, Dallas barely raised their chances of escaping the first round of the playoffs, despite having two of the ten All-Star starters on their roster.

The trade market lacks sellers, so finding those missing pieces will be tough and costly. Counting on internal growth from Josh Green and improved play out of Reggie Bullock could cover their 3-and-D needs, but it would force both players to push near 40 minutes a night in the postseason. They will be worn out by the conference finals leaving Dallas one option short.

The Dallas Mavericks made a shocking trade for Kyrie Irving just one year after surprising everyone by dealing Kristaps Porzingis. Do they have another jaw-dropper up their sleeve before Thursday’s deadline? A move that makes the Mavs title contenders in a wide-open race? Expect general manager Nico Harrison to try.

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How will the Kyrie Irving trade turn out? Does he make the Mavericks title contenders? How long before the first bit of drama hits Dallas? Do the Mavs keep him long-term? There are so many questions still to be answered. One thing is for certain, the Dallas Mavericks just got a lot more interesting, so stay tuned.