How does Kyrie Irving fit on the Dallas Mavericks and what could be next?

Dallas Mavericks, Kyrie Irving
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Dallas Mavericks must embrace drama and distractions after trading for Kyrie Irving

With Kyrie Irving comes drama, distractions, and headaches. It is another reason this trade was surprising because Luka Doncic is a low-key guy off the court that enjoys relaxing and having fun. The 23-year-old superstar would rather drink a beer and have a laugh than talk to the media and be the center of attention. Kyrie is an extremely different person that has never shied away from the spotlight.

Drama follows Irving everywhere he goes. From asking out of Cleveland to get out of LeBron’s shadow to crashing and burning with the Celtics to his partnership in Brooklyn with Kevin Durant never truly working out, Kyrie has requested a trade from three different franchises, who were all winning with him.

The Mavs now have to embrace the full Kyrie Irving experience, which includes the off-court distractions. They have to keep the locker room together no matter what stunt the 30-year-old pulls. Dallas will likely have to throw cold water on a media firestorm that Irving starts more than once. Irving was suspended for eight games this season by the Nets after a social media post, which made worldwide headlines.

The Dallas Mavericks needed more talent on their roster, so they traded for the most talented player their assets could acquire. Now, they must embrace everything that comes with the Kyrie Irving experience.