5 Key reasons Klay Thompson boldly signed with Mavericks over Lakers

Klay Thompson
Klay Thompson / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages
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1. Klay Thompson will find more peace in Dallas compared to Los Angeles

Having played professionally since 2011 and collecting almost a handful of rings, Klay Thompson perhaps just wants to play hoops without all the drama. And the Dallas Mavericks will prove to be the perfect spot for him to achieve that goal.

Some might say that the Los Angeles Lakers could have also helped him thrive and recover from a tumultuous end to his Golden State Warriors stint. That could be true, given his familiarity with the place and the proximity to his loved ones. But Thompson was seeking "new experiences" and a "fresh start," and as a source close to him said of a possible move to the Lakers, per Ramona Shelburne and Kendra Andrews, "Would this be trading one fishbowl for another?"

The allure of playing for one of the league's marquee franchises turned out not to be enough to match what the Mavs have to offer. Dallas also appears to have known its audience because, as Sam Amick reported, the laidback and conversational atmosphere of the meeting with Thompson matched well with his "off-court vibe."

For that, the Mavs not only beat out the Lakers but also found a way to address a problem that killed them in the 2024 Finals. As for the new franchise star, he has a prime opportunity to feel peace while still playing the sport he loves.

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