Jarace Walker 2023 NBA Draft profile: How can Mavericks land the defensive star?

2023 NBA Draft, Jarace Walker, Dallas Mavericks
2023 NBA Draft, Jarace Walker, Dallas Mavericks / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages
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Jarace Walker's weaknesses

Jarace Walker has all the tools to be successful at the NBA level but does have a weakness in his game.

1. Shooting consistency

Walker shot 34.7 percent from three on 2.8 attempts per game at the University of Houston and most of his shots were off the catch. His form is solid but his inconsistency from downtown could scare away teams from taking him to be a stretch four.

He had 13 games in which he didn't make a three with at least one attempt, and three games where he didn't attempt a single triple. Walker didn't have much volume in this category, but the numbers are still a bit alarming.

In Walker's final 11 games of the season, he shot 26.8 percent from three on 41 attempts. That is a horrendous shooting percentage to end the season but it should be noted that it was on a higher volume.

This number is also from the college 3-point line and his range is unproven. The move to the NBA three could be a tough process for Walker as he isn't a player that was knocking down deep triples at the collegiate level.

Walker could improve as his mechanics are solid, but his free-throw shooting numbers are poor.

He shot 66.3 percent from the line on 3.2 attempts per game. Free-throw shooting is often used as an indicator of a player's potential as an overall shooter and teams could consider this a red flag.