Gradey Dick 2023 NBA Draft profile: The perfect wing to play next to Luka Doncic?

2023 NBA Draft, Gradey Dick
2023 NBA Draft, Gradey Dick / Evert Nelson/The Capital-Journal / USA
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Gradey Dick's weaknesses

Although Gradey Dick is a phenomenal offensive player, he does have a few glaring weaknesses. Here are two of his biggest observed from a breakdown of his film.

1. Defense

Dick isn't a horrible defender but he also isn't a great one.

Multiple teams attacked Dick in the pick-and-roll during the season as he didn't have the quickness to stay with some guards and sagged off when he shouldn't have. He never proved that he can be a defensive stopper and occasionally got exposed in isolation situations.

Defense isn't a skill that Dick has ever been lauded for so don't expect him to be a 3-and-D type player immediately. He has the potential to become a solid defender as he is athletic, but it will take time and development.

2. Shot creation

Although Dick showcased his ability to hit step-back and pull-up threes in transition, he was not the best at creating his own shot while at Kansas.

Unless he attacks a close-out and shoots a mid-range jumper, you're not going to get much shot creation from Dick. He has the shot mechanics to be an elite scorer but he doesn't have the skills and athleticism to create for himself at a high level yet.

This is something he can improve on but it will not be his top skill during the early stages of his career. Teams can face-guard him to avoid giving up a barrage of 3-pointers, and at this point, he doesn't have the bag of moves or skills to counter that type of defense.

Dick is not a pure scorer that can create for himself and will need help from his teammates to score, but this won't necessarily be a problem if he is drafted by the Dallas Mavericks.