Gradey Dick 2023 NBA Draft profile: The perfect wing to play next to Luka Doncic?

2023 NBA Draft, Gradey Dick
2023 NBA Draft, Gradey Dick / Evert Nelson/The Capital-Journal / USA
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Gradey Dick's strengths

Gradey Dick is as talented as they come, and he has a ton of potential entering the 2023 NBA Draft. Here are two of his top skills observed from a breakdown of his film.

1. 3-point shooting

Dick's number one skill that has NBA scouts ecstatic is his 3-point shooting.

He has a quick release, high release point, and excels at getting to his spots and knocking down shots in catch-and-shoot situations. Dick is the best shooter in this year's draft and whoever drafts him will benefit from his shooting tremendously.

His ability to shoot from the wings and the top of the key is easily his best skill as he moves without the ball and finds open spots around the arc for his teammates to find him. He also showcased his ability to knock down threes off the dribble in transition or in the flow of the offense as he often uses step-backs and side-steps to create space. 

Although he struggled a bit shooting from the corner, that part of his game should improve as he will get a high volume of those shots in the NBA.

Dick's quick release combined with his occasional stepback off the dribble makes him as deadly from downtown as they come. He hits threes with a hand in his face and is unfazed by tight defense.

2. Finishing around the basket

Dick's ability to finish around the basket might be one of his most overlooked skills ahead of this year's draft.

Many people think that Dick is just a shooter, but that is not the case. He can finish above the rim and runs in transition when his team is pushing the ball. His floor awareness is as good as they come as he often catches his defender off guard and cuts backdoor for an easy layup or alley-oop dunk in half-court sets.

He also uses a variety of finishes at the rim. When defenders close out too hard on him, he drives straight past them and shoots a pull-up mid-range jumper or finishes at the rim with either hand.

When running in transition, Dick often hangs in the air to avoid a block from the defender and lays the ball up with a creative finish. He also threw down multiple ferocious dunks in transition that got Allen Fieldhouse up and out of their seats.

Dick's feel for the game combined with his ability to finish at the rim makes him a deadly offensive weapon. If his defender ever loses track of him, he's typically already hanging on the rim after an alley-oop slam or laying the ball up. He will fit right in at the NBA level as he isn't just a one-trick pony on the offensive end.