Grade the Trade: Mavericks land sharpshooter in blockbuster proposal with Hawks

Dallas Mavericks, Tim Hardaway Jr., Bogdan Bogdanovic
Dallas Mavericks, Tim Hardaway Jr., Bogdan Bogdanovic / Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports
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Grading the trade for the Atlanta Hawks

If the Atlanta Hawks made this move, they'd lose one of their most consistent scorers while landing a player who was nearly unplayable in the playoffs in Tim Hardaway Jr. Bogdanovic has been excellent for the Hawks over the last four seasons, and losing him in this deal may be a move that doesn't help them right away.

Although giving Hardaway Jr. a fresh start could help revive his career in Atlanta, the parts about this trade that would help the Hawks the most in the long run, are Olivier-Maxence Prosper and the 2025 first-round pick.

Although Prosper didn't play much as a rookie, his development while playing for the Texas Legends has Dallas Mavericks fans giddy over the potential that he displayed. Prosper turned into a 40-percent 3-point shooter, and his frame and ability to switch on defense are outstanding.

On top of Prosper, the Hawks land a 2025 first-round pick which they can use to build more around their core. There has seemingly been some uncertainty around the Hawks regarding how they want to handle their future, and this type of move gives them some flexibility regarding how they want to build their young core.

Considering that Bogdanovic is on such a great contract, the grade of this move depends on whether Atlanta is trying to rebuild or not. Since the Hawks are landing Hardaway Jr. who is on an expiring contract, two draft picks, and a young prospect in Prosper, they get a B for this trade.

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hawks grade. B. Losing Bogdanovic who is on a great contract would hurt, but would make sense if entering rebuild. Hardaway Jr.'s expiring contract would create cap space next summer and they'd also land nice draft capital and Prosper who has tons of potential. Atlanta Hawks