GG Jackson II 2023 NBA Draft profile: Could the stretch 4 land on the Mavericks?

2023 NBA Draft, GG Jackson II
2023 NBA Draft, GG Jackson II / Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports
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GG Jackson II's fit on the Dallas Mavericks

GG Jackson II won't come in and immediately play heavy minutes for Dallas. The 18-year-old needs time to develop. He won't fix their defensive issues, but he could bring wing and frontcourt flexibility. Jackson II's instant offense will have NBA franchises interested.

He would be great in the pick-and-roll with Luka Doncic as he has the athleticism and skill to catch and finish lob passes. Jackson II also would be lethal in the pick-and-pop game with his range and shooting ability.

His quick feet and size should allow him to improve as a defender, but this won't come immediately. If Dallas were to draft him, he'd likely come off the bench and provide scoring at the power forward position like Christian Wood did last season. They both can handle the ball better than most at their position, are solid shooters off the catch, and struggle to stay engaged on defense.

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It would be a massive swing for the Dallas Mavericks to select GG Jackson II at ten, but they could make him an option by trading back. Stay tuned to see if Dallas keeps their pick and if Jackson II comes to Dallas on June 22.