GG Jackson II 2023 NBA Draft profile: Could the stretch 4 land on the Mavericks?

2023 NBA Draft, GG Jackson II
2023 NBA Draft, GG Jackson II / Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports
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GG Jackson II's strengths

GG Jackson II is a unique prospect because he creates his own shot better than most power forwards. Here are two of his strengths observed from a breakdown of his film.

1. Scoring

Jackson II is a dynamic scorer that is excellent at creating his own shot.

South Carolina often used him as the ball handler in pick-and-roll situations, and he thrived in this role. He would hit pull-up jumpers right after he came off the screen or would attack the rim and blow by the defender that switched on to him. His pick-and-roll handle is impressive, and he makes it look easy.

Jackson II is also a strong isolation scorer. He consistently and confidently hits fadeaway jumpers from all over the court. Jackson II also shoots comfortably off the dribble and has a tight handle that allows him to get to his spots whenever he wants.

He shot just 32.4 percent from downtown but there's reason to believe that this will improve as he consistently took tough shots and his range stretches beyond the NBA 3-point line. His jumper looks great off the catch, and he could even play some minutes at small forward as he has the quickness, ball handling, and shooting to do so.

2. Ball handling

Ball handling isn't a common strength for power forwards, but Jackson II plays like a skilled guard. He is comfortable with the ball in his hands and has a deep bag of moves that he brought out on a nightly basis.

He uses his handle to get to his spots and hit tough, contested pull-up jumpers or get all the way to the rim. His favorite move seems to be the between-the-legs snatch back, and he creates a large amount of space and hits the jumper over a hand frequently.

His handle allows him to be a consistent ball handler in the pick-and-roll, and the team that drafts him will have versatility when it comes to playing him as both a ball handler and screener.