Gauging the panic meter on 5 struggling Mavericks before NBA Playoffs

Golden State Warriors v Dallas Mavericks
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3. Dereck Lively II

Dallas Mavericks rookie center Dereck Lively II is the only player on this list who isn't struggling on the floor, but his injuries are starting to become a concern.

Lively II is out with a knee sprain, and Jason Kidd has already said that he will miss the final two games of the regular season tonight and on Sunday. He is already off crutches and uses a knee brace and sleeve, but there have been no reports indicating how serious this sprain actually is. If serious, this would be a massive blow for the Mavs considering how crucial he has been for their success all season long.

Lively II has also battled multiple ankle sprains and a minor back injury this season, and him missing 27 regular season games as a rookie isn't a good sign. These injuries will hopefully decrease as he gets used to playing 82-game seasons, but this series against the LA Clippers could be impacted significantly if Lively II can't play.

The Mavs likely still have the edge in this series even without Lively II, but the panic meter when it comes to his injury is going off just because of how little we know about the severity of it. Everything could be fine once game one of the playoffs rolls around, but there is definitely some concern about his availability.

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