5 Former Dallas Mavericks the team should sign with final roster spot

Dallas Mavericks, Spencer Dinwiddie
Dallas Mavericks, Spencer Dinwiddie / Tom Pennington/GettyImages
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3. Jae Crowder

For forward Jae Crowder, who just turned 34 years old, he spent the first three seasons of his NBA career with the Mavericks from 2012-2015. With reaching the 2024 Finals, Crowder could seek interest in playing for the team he started his NBA career, and he would be a good fit in Dallas.

Crowder has been a tough and physical player his whole career and has been a defensive presence at all times. Crowder also has the ability to be a 3-point shooting threat, which is something the Mavs can use.

Crowder has a ton of playoff experience to go along with playing defense and shooting threes. Crowder has been a part of two Conference winners (2020 with Heat, 2021 with Suns).

For the past two seasons, Crowder played for the Bucks. Even though he didn't average seven points per game in the two seasons, his defense was recognized.

If the Mavs can be able to add in a forward who has playoff experience, can be a strong defensive player, and shoot the 3-pointer at a consistent level, that is something the Mavs should invest doing.

With still no NBA Championship on his resume, coming back to Dallas where it all started can be a great story for Crowder to earn a ring. Crowder's play would've made an impact against the Celtics in the Finals with his experience in the playoffs.