5 Former Dallas Mavericks the team should sign with final roster spot

Dallas Mavericks, Spencer Dinwiddie
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4. Doug McDermott

For 32-year-old small forward Doug McDermott, he only played 26 games for the Mavs in the 2017-18 season and averaged nine points per game in Dallas. After leaving Dallas, McDermott turned into a quality bench player for the Pacers and Spurs. But, with the Mavs making the Finals, it might draw interest for McDermott to come back to Dallas.

One key thing the Mavs have upgraded in free agency after it went missing in the 2024 Finals is 3-point shooting. Adding Quentin Grimes and Klay Thompson has helped doing so. But, there's no reason to add another consistent 3-point shooter.

In his career, McDermott has shot 41 percent from three. That's an impressive that for a veteran who might be too good to pass up.

In the 2024 Playoffs, McDermott was also able to provide important leadership to a young Pacers team. With McDermott's leadership, the Pacers reached the Eastern Conference Finals. Despite only playing in 10 games for the Pacers, McDermott was still able to shoot 38 percent from three.

With McDermott playing small forward, he can also fill in a gap on the roster as Derrick Jones Jr. and Tim Hardaway Jr. are no longer on the team. McDermott is another player that the Mavs can keep an eye on for returning to the team this summer. Just like in Indiana, McDermott can bring his experience and leadership back to Dallas.