5 former Mavericks the team will definitely miss this season

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3. Theo Pinson

The Dallas Mavericks decided not to re-sign Theo Pinson to a contract this summer, and he is still a free agent.

Pinson turned into the ultimate hype man for the Mavs over the last few seasons, and he will be missed.

Although he averaged just 2.4 points per game during his time in Dallas, his impact stretched much further than the basketball court. Pinson was known as a great teammate, hard worker, and always made Mavericks events and games a good time.

He was always standing up on the sideline during games, talking trash to the other team, and always supporting his teammates. Pinson was someone that everyone seemed to love being around, and he brought great vibes.

Although Pinson seemed like he wanted to be back in Dallas, Dallas didn't feel the same way. They also gave his jersey number away to Jaden Hardy, almost guaranteeing that he wouldn't be returning.

Pinson's presence will be missed on the bench, but Dallas letting him go may have been a smart move. They upgraded at guard this summer, and Pinson wasn't providing valuable minutes in the rare occurrence that he did play.

Pinson is someone that we could see come back eventually, but it may be hard for him to find a roster spot in the NBA at this point.