5 former Mavericks the team will definitely miss this season

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4. Dorian Finney-Smith

The Dallas Mavericks traded Dorian Finney-Smith to the Brooklyn Nets in the Kyrie Irving trade back in February.

This was a massive move for Dallas, as it landed them a co-star to play next to Luka Doncic, but they had to give away someone who meant so much to the organization in Finney-Smith.

Finney-Smith went undrafted, and he played for the Mavs for six and a half seasons. He went from playing 20.3 minutes per game as a rookie to playing over 30 minutes per night and being one of the better 3-and-D wings in the Western Conference.

Just like Reggie Bullock, Finney-Smith was a key piece for Dallas during the 2022 NBA Playoffs. He was playing 38.2 minutes per game and averaged 11.7 points and 0.9 steals per game. His best game of the playoffs came against the Phoenix Suns in game four, and he finished with 24 points and eight 3-pointers.

Finney-Smith was the heart and soul of the Mavs for many years, and he is a player who will be missed on this squad. He was one of Doncic's best friends and brought great vibes to the team.

Although Finney-Smith still has three more years on it (player option after second year), Dallas could make a trade for him if Brooklyn is shopping him. Getting Finney-Smith back seems like a pipe dream, but it's definitely a move that Mavs fans would love.