Dorian Finney-Smith has trade showcase as Mavericks fall to Warriors without Luka

Dallas Mavericks, Dorian Finney-Smith
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The Dallas Mavericks are looking to upgrade their roster ahead of the Feb. 9 trade deadline, and some fans were surprised when Dorian Finney-Smith popped up in the trade rumors. He is the 3-and-D wing that every contending team needs, and the Mavs previously had zero interest in trading him. Dallas is searching for a star, and acquiring one is the only way they part with Doe-Doe.

Finney-Smith has no interest in leaving Dallas. He just signed a four-year extension with the Mavs, and the 29-year-old is rooted in Dallas. Doe-Doe is one of the team’s best assets, and they will likely have to part with him if they want to acquire a second star to play next to Luka Doncic.

Finney-Smith responded to those trade rumors with an incredible performance on Feb. 4 as the Mavericks lost to the defending champion Golden Warriors in San Francisco without Luka Doncic. Dallas is now 0-7 without their superstar this season, but it was no fault of Doe-Doe’s on Saturday night. Here is a closer look at his performance, and what it might do to his trade value ahead of Thursday’s deadline.

Dorian Finney-Smith has a trade showcase as Mavericks fall to Warriors without Luka Doncic

Saturday’s Western Conference Finals rematch brought in the ABC national audience, and Finney-Smith took advantage of the platform to showcase his skill set. He was defending multiple positions, hitting open shots, and rebounding well. Dallas needed offense, and Doe-Doe scored 17 in the first half to be the team’s leading scorer after 24 minutes.

Finney-Smith took on any challenge against the defending champions. He started the night guarding Stephen Curry, but Doe-Doe matched up against Andrew Wiggins, Jordan Poole, and nearly every player on the floor. The Mavs struggled on both ends without their superstar, but Finney-Smith was competing and taking on every challenge.

He played some five as the Warriors forced Dallas to play small. Finney-Smith was protecting the rim late in the game as the Mavs attempted to make a comeback.

The Mavs made a run in the fourth quarter after Stephen Curry was ruled out with a leg injury, and Finney-Smith was at the center of it. Dallas locked in on defense after being dominated most of the night, but their comeback fell just short. Still, Doe-Doe finished as a plus-ten in his 32 minutes on Saturday night. He had the highest plus-minus on the team and was the only Mavericks starter with a positive in that category.

One underrated thing that fans could often hear on the ABC broadcast was Finney-Smith’s talking. He is always communicating on the court from helping set the defense to encouraging his teammates. It was not the Mavericks' best night, and they did not have their superstar, but Doe-Doe kept competing and communicating.

The Dallas Mavericks are unlikely to trade Dorian Finney-Smith before Thursday’s trade deadline. He is too valuable to the team as they try to make a playoff run in the wide-open Western Conference, but if they do acquire a star, Dallas will likely have to give up Doe-Doe. The Mavs will miss him, and they must find a replacement if they do, but it will be the cost of jumping into title contention.

The Dallas Mavericks travel to Salt Lake City to face the Utah Jazz on Monday night, and Luka Doncic will be out again. Will Dorian Finney-Smith step up again, and put on another showcase? Tune in to find out.

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